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Solutions for teams

Basic organization and improvement I

Module: PME1


  • Guidance & review of mission statement and values.

  • Set job descriptions and official handbook.

  • Prepare and review work contracts according to job descriptions.

  • Work session: Presentation of mission statement to staff. Powers of the employer & and signature of contracts.

Teamwork improvement II

Module: PME2

  • Work session: Practical aspects & healthy labor relationships.

  • Setting goals, basic reports and analysis of the results.

  • Set authority and liability parameters of management team.

  • Work session: Set and clarify expectations.

Teamwork improvement III

Module: PME3

  • Review of agreements made in module PME2.

  • Setting an efficient work session schedule.

  • Work session: conduct first official management meeting with strategic agenda.

  • Set a method for task management.

The duration of each module depends on the size of the group and their specific needs. Modules can be modified.

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